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Dear friends, Welcome to my website. I hope you find much to interest you here. Be sure to visit "The World of Espionage" for all sorts of insider information and please do check out my newest thriller, THE LAST SPYMASTER.

On the Spymaster webpage, you can read excerpts that I hope will intrigue you so much that you'll want to find out what happens in the rest of the story. I love the book a lot, and if you enjoy adventure and an authentic look into the world of intelligence, I think you will, too.

Now a little about me ... I live in a small house at the top of a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It's a beautiful setting, something like the Hollywood Hills, a neighborhood of homes perched down the hill into a valley. Trees hug my house. Possums, racoons, and a family of skunks (really!) live nearby. Birdsong wakes me every morning.

It's a wonderful place to live and write. I work most days some ten to twelve hours in my downstairs office where I have two computers — a big PC on which I write, and a laptop where I handle email. The laptop goes with me when I travel. Books — my longtime friends — fill the office of course.

I have four children — all grown up and living their own lives. My husband, novelist Dennis Lynds, died in August 2005, leaving an indelible imprint on all of us and readers everywhere. You can visit his website here.

I'm glad you stopped by my website. May you find wonderful books to read here.

Warm regards,

Gayle's Official Bio

New York Times bestseller Gayle Lynds is the award-winning author of nine spy novels and has been called the Queen of Espionage. Her newest, THE BOOK OF SPIES, is due in stores March 30 and is the beginning of her first series. Lee Child writes she’s “today’s finest espionage writer,” while BookPage claims: “Lynds has joined the deified ranks of spy thriller authors like Robert Ludlum and John le Carre” and the London Observer says simply she’s “a kick-ass thriller writer.”

Gayle began her writing career as a reporter for The Arizona Republic, where her investigative reporting made such an impact that it led to changes in state legislation. Later she was an editor with rare Top Secret security clearance at a government think tank, where assorted shadowy figures passed through silently and not only ideas but people seemed to bounce off the walls. She was inspired. Soon she began writing literary short stories, which were published in literary journals, and at the same time in what some considered schizophrenic, she also wrote male pulp novels in the Nick Carter and Mack Bolan series.

Her first Gayle Lynds novel MASQUERADE, was a New York Times bestseller and a People magazine “Page-Turner of the Week.” Publishers Weekly, the bible of the industry, recently compiled a list of the best espionage fiction. At the top were works by le Carre, Ludlum, Frederick Forsyth, and Graham Greene. MASQUERADE was number eight, following Ken Follett’s classic The Eye of the Needle, which Gayle loves.

Others of her novels have been prize winners. THE LAST SPYMASTER won Best Novel from both the American Authors Association and the Military Writers Society of America. THE COIL won Best Contemporary Novel from Affaire de Coeur. MOSAIC was Thriller of the Year at Romantic Times. MESMERIZED was a Daphne du Maurier Award finalist. About her work reviewers have written: “superb,” Chicago Tribune; “immensely satisfying,” Wall Street Journal; “a potent storyteller,” Denver Post; “teeth-grinding suspense,” Publishers Weekly; “roller-coaster thrills,” Los Angeles Times; “terrific,” Cosmopolitan magazine; and “authentic,” Chicago Sun-Times.

With Robert Ludlum, she created the COVERT-ONE series and wrote three of the novels. One of them, THE HADES FACTOR, was a CBS miniseries. Another, THE PARIS OPTION, was People magazine Beach Read of the Week.

A member of the Association for Intelligence Officers, she cofounded International Thriller Writers with David Morrell in 2004. She lives in Southern California with three computers and two opinionated cats.

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